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About Us

Our history

We have been making beautiful cutlery, innovative pan sets and baking and roasting items of sustainable quality for almost 100 years. As a Dutch family business, we have a long history in which quality is the common thread.

Innovation is in our DNA

We regularly introduce new designs according to the latest trends. That ambition to keep innovating is in our blood. One of the innovations that is thanks to Sola is the apple corer. That invention symbolizes the many innovations that the company has developed over the years in the field of high-quality cutlery and pan sets.

Quality first

In our long history, "quality at competitive prices" has always been paramount. We offer a standard 10-year manufacturer's warranty on production and material defects and do everything we can to satisfy our customers. We have been doing this with great attention and pleasure for almost a century.

The beginning

It was 1868 when Johannes Albertus Adolf Gerritsen (1840-1925) decided to open his own jewelry store in Amsterdam. His craftsmanship was passed on to the Gerritsen family and half a century later, in 1922, led to the creation of today's Sola, after the French word soleil (sun). Founder was Marius Johannes Gerritsen, who started the new company at the Van Reenenweg in Zeist.

Generation upon generation

Almost 100 years later, these historic Sola Factories in Zeist are home to a variety of high-quality Sola kitchen utensils today. And there is still a Gerritsen at the helm; grandson Bert Gerritsen continues the rich family history.